Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nestled back in Mombasa with the Kelvinator

After a looooong three and a half days of traveling, I am finally back in Mombasa. The trip wasn't all that bad. Just terribly, terribly long. 14 and a half hours on a plane? I think I will avoid doing that again. Friday morning I walked off the plane in Nairobi with a new surge of energy knowing that the Kelvinator was waiting outside the gates. I rushed through immigration, thankful that I am a resident and don't have to stand in the ridiculously long visa line, and found my bags immediately. No questions at customs, another big blessing, and through the doors I went finding my hubs waiting on the other side! Reunited at last! 

We took the night bus back to Mombasa and arrived saturday morning. Getting back into my apartment was so comforting. My precious kitten welcomed me in and I cuddled her like no tomorrow. Kelvin had done such an awesome job keeping the house so tidy and organized. I was so proud of him.

I fell into a deep sleep around 9am and had to force myself to wake up around 10 so we could have breakfast and head to our friend's wedding. The whole reason I booked this crazy ticket was so that I could make two weddings in two weekends: one in Canada and one in Mombasa. I wasn't going to sleep through it. 

I am sure glad I didn't. The wedding was awesome. It was fun to see so many of our good friends in one place and celebrate with them all. 

It was also incredibly colourful! The first thing I noticed was all the amazing colours the people were wearing. Take a look for yourselves. 

These wamamas were so gorgeous in their bright, traditional clothing. I also love the kid staring at my in the right hand corner. I was the only mzungu at this wedding.  

 Like I mentioned, pretty much all our closest friends were there including this beauty, miss Eddah. She is my neighbour and shares in my love of all things sweet and sugary. She actually designed and made the bride's dress, the grooms outfit, and the best man and maid of honour's clothes. 

 My favourite part of the wedding is when the bride and groom return from taking pictures and all the wamamas (women in general) welcome them with lots of dancing and traditional songs. 

 Can you spot the bride and the groom? They are in there.

 Beautful, bright colours. Kelvin was amazed at this picture. I didn't do any editing on it. 

Eddah showing off her best moves.

Lots of dancing and joy!

Congrats Alex and Cathy!

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