Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Tournaments!

The Rehma Tournaments this January were a HUGE success. They had 28 teams play 58 games over the course of two months. That adds up to a lot of young boys and a lot of soccer played! Here are a few pictures just highlighting some of the many awesome moments. 

Our girls were SO loved by everyone in Kongowea. It was so amazing. We have realized though that Mercy is not quite an athletic little girl. She tends to pick up balls and just gives them to us instead of playing with them. She is a performer though- put on any music (especially her fav "let it go") and watch her shine. 


This is Moses, our awesome photographer. 

Sonny, the guy with the dreads, did some great videography for us. We will share it once we have the final product.


Because of these tournaments, the coaches of all the teams decided to come together and make an official association. They have made Kelvin and I honorary members of the Nyali Youth Football Association!!! They made us our own t-shirts and all.

Lots of soccer was played...

What is a soccer final without a local band??

The signature 'before the game' shot of the two final teams

The soccer was intense!

Tranel, one of our good friends who also grew up in the community, gave Amina lots of snuggles

Look at that action!

This kid ended up being awarded best player

And there were flares...

This is coach Dula. He is one of two men who completely run this tournament. His heart for his community, the youth, and soccer is amazing. We honour this man. 

The guy in the cap is Selah. He works alongside Coach Dula. He too is an incredible man.

The crowd that gathered to watch the prize giving.

I was AMAZED to see SO MANY women at the pitch. I have sat at that pitch many times and I can count on one hand how many women I have seen watching. But these games were packed with ladies in the crowd! Part of our prizes included the winning teams being able to gift a school scholarship to a girl in the community. 

This guy *swoon*

Kenyans LOVE their trophies

This is the signature "hand-shaking and prize handing over" shot. We have about a million just like this. Thought we would show you just one so you get the jist.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! To all those who supported these tournaments. They were a huge victory for this community and it's people.

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