Sunday, August 14, 2011

Feet Firmly on the Ground

I made it! I landed early this morning in my hometown of Castlegar. My parents anxiously stood inside as I walked off the plane. Big hugs and a couple tears followed that. My brother stayed up after working a night shift just to come and say hi to me. We quickly grabbed my bags and went home to sit on the deck as a family, drink a cup of coffee, and catch up. My heart is glad. 

The trip was good. My stomach took a day or so to settle once I landed in Vancouver. I stayed a couple days with my grandma and then hopped on a plane this morning to Castlegar. I praised God the entire flight home! I plugged my iPod in and sang praises to him (silently, of course) as I soared in the skies. What an amazing country I was born in! 

We had a visitor from Canada just before I left. He was so kind to bring Kelvin a team Canada soccer jersey. Kelvin screeched like a little girl when he saw it. He loves it! I am proud of my Kenyan/Canadian man.

My grandma has to be one of my favourite people on earth. When I went to college, she became one of my best friends. I love drinking tea, eating chocolate covered digest cookies, and watching a movie in the afternoon with her. The last couple days were a blessing.

In Vancouver I got to catch up with a few friends. Patrick and I went to high school together and were grad dates. He live in Vancouver now. My mom offered up her season tickets to the BC lions football game and I invited Patrick along knowing he loved football. We had an amazing dinner and a great time at the game.

The game was terrible. The BC lions were awful to watch. People actually started leaving half way through the 3rd quarter. Nevertheless, it was a fun experience for me. 

Thanks for your prayers. I am happy to have my feet firmly on the ground again. 

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