Monday, August 1, 2011

Things I am looking forward to

I leave for Canada in one week now. Since I booked my ticket last week, I have been dreaming of all the things I am looking forward to in Canada.

Here are a few of things I am really looking forward to:

  • A really good cup of coffee while sitting with my parents on our deck in the morning
  • Seeing my brother's new kittens, Fish and Sue, and hanging out with my old dog, Lucy
  • Going see-doing on the river with my brother 
  • Shopping for a wedding dress with my mother and close friends 
  • A BC Lions game with my high school grad date 
  • Having an afternoon of tea, cookies, and movies with Grandma
  • FOOD! Doritos, berries, cheese, steak, desserts, cookies, bagels, etc. This needs to be a list of it's own. 
  • High speed internet
  • Catching up with all my friends
  • Getting some new podcasts on my computer and looking at videos and pictures and other fun things that you just can't do with the internet in Kenya 
  • Playing crib with my best friend Nikki 
  • Beautiful hikes (I know that this has never been a desire of mine but now that I live in Mombasa, I am totally craving trekking through the mountains) 
  • Getting my laundry washed and dried in machines 
  • Wearing clothes that are a little shorter and a little tighter 
  • Driving 
  • Collecting some equipment for the boys and connecting with people who are sponsoring them
  • Planning a bridal shower
  • Attending one of my best friend's, Danika, wedding
  • Skyping with friends from all over the world for free
  • Catching up on all my favourite TV shows (especially Modern Family) 
  • Preparing to leave my family and be joined to my husband! 

I guess it's only fair if I list a few things I will miss in Mombasa: 

  • The Kelvinator! 
  • My thursday night bible study group 
  • The music (there are some really good tunes that are circulating right now) 
  • All my sweet friends 
  • The gorgeous beach 
  • Having a drink or two in the small, shady bars around my place 
  • Cheap street food 
  • Spending the evenings watching the boys play as the sun sets
  • Quiet afternoons in my house filled with coffee, reading, catching up on emails, and just being
  • The Kelvinator!

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