Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jumpin' up and down and flailin' all around

I skipped church this morning.

Forgive me.

I chose to stay home and prepare the house before we travel tomorrow. I forgot how much you have to do just so you can leave and come back to a clean, sane, in order house. I admire my mother as I now realize all she had to do to get us ready to leave. I get her now. That's happening more these days: getting my mother.

I chose to stay home from church to clean (gasp! my parents are probably so confused. What happened to their lazy, princess daughter who never liked to clean anything?). I guess that shows you just about how excited I am about church these days.

Recently, I have been coming home from church more drained, tired and cranky than I should be. I think its a combination of the heat, the dreadful metal roof we sit under, and the 3+ hours of church we 'do'. It's not been my favourite day of the week.

So I played hookie today. And I am so glad I did.

The hubby went though. Thats was ok. The minute he stepped out the door, I turned to my iTunes. The first song I played was "I am a friend of God." Within seconds I could feel my spirit lifting. I felt so light. I started moving my hips, then bouncing a little, then, just as the chorus hit, I broke out into full jumping and flailing my arms in the air. It. felt. so. good.

Do you ever have those moments? I thank my mother, again, who always created an atmosphere of spontaneous dance sessions in our house. I didn't want to stop today. I just couldn't wipe the smile off my face, I couldn't stop jumping (even though everything in my body was telling my to), and I felt so FULL. It's that in moment where God reminded me of how awesome He is, He touched me with his Spirit, He came close and reminded me that I, indeed, am His friend.

I needed that.

We are SO ready to get out of this city tomorrow. I am actually looking forward to the 15 hour bus ride ahead of us just cause I want to get away. Kelvin and I crashed yesterday - tired and weary of everything. We need this break.

We are heading to my favourite place on earth:Ilula! I am going to introduce my husband to all the kids. Today, I found a note one of them wrote me last time I was there which read, "You are now growing up & getting married. I hope you will come visit when you are two." I am coming my sweet kids!! We will have a small wedding celebration with them with cake and rejoicing. I just printed off some photos and put them in an album for them to all see. I just can't wait for all the hugs!!!

After that we will head to Kisumu for 2 days just to hang out together. We are going to ride on the back of bicycles and eat fresh tilapia beside Lake Victoria.

Then we will go to Kelvin's mom's place for a few days. Kelvin has told me he wants to dig a borehole when I might just watch. It will be a nice couple days of village life, eating fresh food, connecting with family, and fireflies!!!

Seeing how our pockets are holding up, we will decided what to do after that. We might hit Nairobi for a couple days or maybe explore some other little town in Kenya. We don't know. But that's the fun of it all.

I won't be blogging for the next couple weeks. Hopefully you will get a more 'refreshed' Nikole when I return.

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