Thursday, November 29, 2012


While I was in Nairobi in September, I met a friend of a friend of a friend of mine. Got that? He was a missionary in Eldoret. Him and his family spent a year building a children's home. When I mentioned to him that we play soccer, he asked if I needed any balls. I quickly said YES! 

Balls are one of our biggest expenses. They are not cheap and they get destroyed so easily with our boys. Usually, we can only buy one or two at a time so the whole team has to share them during practice. 

This missionary told me that his church had donated like 30 boxes of these indestructible balls and he  had already given out as many as he could. He offered that, if I could somehow get them, he would give me around four boxes (with 10 balls in each).  It was quite the adventure getting them as we discovered that his children's home is deep in the village outside of Eldoret. However, it was all worth it. Now our boys get to practice with an abundance of soccer balls! 

And these balls are truly indestructible. You can poke nails through them, slice them with a razor, or even drive over them with a car and they won't bust! They also never deflate! Perfect for our stoney terrain and rough boys.

 I watched the boys practice last night for the first time in a while. It's so good to see so many of them out there.
While on the sidelines, I got to goof around with these sweet girl. She came dressed like a footballer and brought her own little plastic soccer ball to play with! Way too cute! 


  1. Thanks for your kind comment! Love reading about the Rehema project and your life in Mombasa- we never made it there but lots of folks on the island we lived on have family there!! Love these picstoo- makes me want to jump on a plane and come!! Mungu akubariki na kazi yako, inshallah atatuweshe kuendelea kuwasadia watu kwenye jina la Yesu.

  2. I had never heard of indestructible balls before but I remember when we were in Uganda my cousin was saying the boys were constantly wrecking their balls. I've got to take a look at that site.

    Oh, and that last photo steals my heart, she is just too precious.

    1. Yes! they are really great but our boys won't use them for games. They are just practice balls.However, most kids roll up plastic bags so I am sure these would do just fine.