Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Refreshing Youth Camp

Kelvin and I were sitting on the couch last night debriefing about this past week at youth camp. Kelvin mentioned the word 'refreshing' several times while describing how he felt about the camp. 

Refreshing is not what I would have said. Exhausting and Drained sounds more like it. 

As he continued, he began to describe all that we did, learned, saw, and experienced. I began to ponder about all that went on this week and suddenly 'refreshing' did sound like the right word. 

Spiritually, emotionally, and relationally refreshing. 

I think I mentioned that we recently moved to a different church. On our prayerful hunt for the right church for us, we came to Nyali Baptist. After the very first service, we felt at home. The church has an incredible family atmosphere. Once you enter in the door, you are considered part of the family. Kelvin was immediately asked to direct a Christmas play (which is presenting tonight!) and then was later on ask to be the director of their annual youth camp. 

This week was, for us, a way to connect with the people in the church. We knew a few people here and there but had yet to make any real connections. Kelvin, being the people person he is, instantly clicked with all the youth. By the time I showed up on Wednesday (the camp started Sunday) it was as if he had known them all for years. They quickly brought me in and made me feel at home even though I am the awkward white girl. 

The kids were awesome. They are the complete opposite of the youth we work with in Kongowea. They are kind, generous, polite, helpful, loving, encouraging, accepting, goal oriented, focused, well behaved, and so much fun. THAT in itself was totally refreshing. The speakers and the worship touched our hearts and lives on so many levels. We laughed A LOT. We danced, sang, smiled, hugged, prayed and loved. Physically, we were (and still are) drained. It was HOT - seems hotter than it was last year. Our program was  packed with very little down time. But other that that, it was indeed a refreshing week at camp. 

 Like I mentioned, the worship was amazing. There are some VERY talented musicians in this group.

Our dining hall. 

As camp director, Kelvin challenged the youth to recite as many scriptures to him as they could so they could win points for there team. He constantly had youth around him rolling scripture off their lips.

 Some VERY precious people. 

 The food was decent but it didn't sit too well with me. My tummy is still struggling. 

 Remember Senior? He is the worship leader for the church and is the one who kind of nudged us to come check out the church. 
One night, the theme was 'colour clashing' so everyone dressed up in the craziest, colourful outfits they could find. And one thing I will NEVER get tired of is african's singing and dancing, which they did a lot of. 

Lord, thank you for a wonderful new church and a very refreshing week with the youth!

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  1. ahhhh I LOVE this post! So glad you guys found a church you love and feel welcomed and accepted! This weeks sounds SO awesome!!! love Katie