Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dominik Hasek was at Jesus' birth?

Last year I bought this beautiful, hand crafted nativity set in Kijabe. I loved it because the people have faces that are shaped like those of the Masai people. That was the purpose of the artist. So I pulled it out this year and proudly displayed it in our living room next to our Christmas tree. My parents and I sat there ooing and aweing at it when my brother comes upstairs with his own additions to the scene. Apparently Dominik Hasek, the famous hockey goalie, witnessed Jesus being born over 2000 years ago! And even the Jack-in-the-box head joined them in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! The frogs also must have heard the news and followed the star to where Jesus lay. Wow!

I love goofing around with my family.

My brother and I have always liked to wrestle.
Although, these days I am the one who ends up getting hurt

Happy Birthday Daddy!

These 3 people are what makes moving across the world really hard. If only I could convince them to move with me....

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