Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Recieving the Gift

It's only a few days away from Christmas. It seemed to creep up on me really fast this year. I have been really trying to digest all that is going on around me. My last Christmas looked much different than this year but it was by far my favourite. I am always amazed at our consummerism yet I still buy into it. My mind is constantly thinking about my trip and all the details that need to come together. And I have yet to stop and think about the true reason I am going on this trip: Jesus. And it just so happens to be the time of year when we get to celebrate His birth, this great Gift that we were given.

I have been recieving numerous gifts over the past week. Its been a bit overwhelming as last year I didn't get a single gift. But tonight I was challenged. Challenged to think about the true Gift I am given. I am challenged to sit back and receive. To recieve this great Gift that I by no means earned or deserved. This Gift that was given to me because of one simple reason: Love. Because He loves me...

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