Wednesday, December 30, 2009

9 more sleeps

I only have 9 more sleeps left at home in Castlegar. My mom always makes my final days at home really special by making sure that we do the things I love to do, see my favourite people, and eat my favourite foods one last time. So tonight she made my favourite food of all time: Rice Krispie squares! Yes, Rice Krispie squares, pineapple and steak are my 3 favourite foods. My amazing mother has planned for a few special steak dinners this week too. I love her.

The goodbyes have started as well. With it being the holidays, I have been able to see some of my friends from far away lands who have come home.

9 more sleeps...


  1. glad to hear that you are making the most of your numbered days in canada!
    i need to photoshop a picture of the two of us together...

  2. hehehe, i'll see what i can do. ;-)