Monday, June 25, 2012

An Ethiopian Date

A new fancy shmancy Ethiopian restaurant/lounge has just opened at the mall down the street from us. Since we have made it 6 months in marriage and there were a few other things that we were excited about and thanking God for, we decided to treat ourselves to a nice night out. What a better way to celebrate than stuff our mouths with delicious Ethiopian food. 

 My past experiences with Ethiopian weren't great but this food was delicious. We ordered pan-fried goat 'bits', chicken in a yummy tomato sauce and, of course, lots of Injera.

Kelvin must have been a little dishevelled after listening to the terrible karaoke singer.

The lounge is on the top floor of the mall and looks out over the highway and forest. Awesome ambiance. Cheers to a great husband, meal, night, God!!

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