Monday, June 25, 2012

One day tournament for the boys

The team got invited to a one day, knock-out tournament put on by a local mission station just north of Mombasa. It was not only a soccer tournament but a whole family fun day for the community. We were among the first to arrive (actually our boys arrived on time before Kelvin and I- they are becoming so disciplined!) It just happened to be one of the few rainy days we get in Mombasa. I loved the rain but it made for a wet, damp, muddy day. I was with them in the morning but had to jet back to Kongowea to meet with my lovely ladies. Here are some photos Kelvin took of the day. 

The crew for the day!

They had camel rides for the kids. Secretly, I wanted a ride. 

They won their first game in a shoot out. Then they won their second game 3-1. Here they are racing over to Kelvin after their second win. They moved on to the finals. 

 So much excitement! And a few bumps and bruises.

The beginning of the final game. Unfortunately, they lost. But it was a great day for them.

 The team came home with a ball, trophy, and certificate. Every boy wanted a picture with them. 
All in all, they totally enjoyed themselves. They played well, got out of their community, and got to enjoy a day out together.

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