Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mad props to my hubs

I got my first bout of food poisoning ever in Kenya. Seriously, in the almost 5 years of living here, I have had only minor tummy issues. I have actually boasted many times at my strong and durable stomach. I have even eaten things that got Kelvin sick and not me. But all that went out the window tuesday night. I went to bad not feeling so hot. To spare you the gruesome details, lets just say that I ran back and forth to the bathroom for the next 12+hours. It was not a pretty sight my friends. 

However, my superman hubby stepped in and saved the day. Well, he couldn't make my food stay in my stomach but he definitely made life more comfortable for me. He washed clothes, cleaned the bathroom (yes, it was not pretty), made himself all his meals, cleaned up after the cat, chased after our naughty cat, stocked the fridge with lots of cold water for me, cleaned all my pukey dishes, bought groceries, and even prepared a big plate of fruit after I was feeling a bit better. On top of all that, he snuggled, cuddled, prayed, and even continued to tell me how beautiful I was every time I emerged from the bathroom. 

So mad props to my beloved hubby! I adore you mister! 

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