Friday, January 1, 2010

7 more sleeps... the packing stage

Today I decided that I should probably start packing. I am leaving for 11 months and have only started packing 7 sleeps before my departure day. I am not too stressed about it; I feel like a pro since I have done it so many times. I know which clothes are appropriate (lulu lemon = not appropriate), I know how many pairs of socks I will need (not many, its too hot), I know what I can and cannot find there (bobby pins and white people makeup are hard to come by but After Eight chocolates can be found in supermarkets), I know how to efficiently use the space in my luggage as to fit as much stuff as possible (rolling clothes saves space but creates many wrinkles) and so on.

I still haven't decided how many bottles of sunscreen I will need. Right now I have 3: SPF 30,15 and 8. I barely used any sunscreen last time I was there which did bite me in the bum a few times. This time I will be in the sun a bit more as the compound I will be living on is right on the beach and swimming in the ocean is actually part of my job. No joke. When camp time comes around, I will be expected to play in the ocean with the campers. And who said life in Africa is rough? Anyways, I still don't know how much to take and really don't want to waste space if I don't have to.

Just in case you were wondering, the Splenda is not for me. My African Mum can't have sugar so I have introduced her to Splenda. However, it's hard to find there so I make space for it and she is very grateful. Sugarless tea is like a death sentence for Kenyans.

I have also been spending some time (ok lots of time) on my new, beautiful computer. Yes, I was blessed with a new computer since mine crashed last year. I have been busy with uploading and transferring my music, files, photos, etc. I have been searching for good movies to download off iTunes. My eyes have been glued to the screen a little too much.

But in between my packing efforts and my computer addiction, I have picked up my bible and found an incredible amount of peace. My soul is at peace with all that is happening and is going to happen this year. I have been studying Hezekiah's character in 2 Chronicles and have been inspired by this bold, God-fearing leader.

"And in every good work that he began in the service of the house of God, in the law and in the commandment, to seek his God, he did it with all his heart. So he prospered." 2 Chronicles 31:21

May every work that I do this year be done with all my heart, looking unto Jesus.

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  1. hey nikole...thanks for the few helpful tips!
    also, nothing below SPF 8 is pharmacist recommended. ;-)