Thursday, February 25, 2010

Resurrecting Pastors?

This story was in tuesday's newspaper. When I heard this, I was not completely shocked. People do funny things in the name of Christ but they seem to not really know who He is.

To summarize this article for you, two pastors of a certain church in Nakuru died in a car accident last week. The church came together and decided to hold big prayer meetings to resurrect the two dead pastors. I am not sure where they got this idea. They said that with faith anything can happen which the bible does say. They said that if Ezekiel, an Old Testament prophet, spoke to dry bones and they came back to life then even today's christians can do the same. Hmph. Funny teaching but big faith. They were hoping that during the prayer sessions was when the pastor's would resurrect but it didn't happen. They resorted to shaking the coffin and were encouraged to become more emotional. In the end they decided to burry the bodies today if they hadn't resurrected today.

I hate to say this, but this doesn't surprise with churches here in Kenya. There are some funny things going on in churches here. This country claims to be 80% Christian. I am pretty sure that if 80% of the population were true believers in Christ, they would not have been slaughtering each other in 2007. It's sad to say that many preachers don't teach the entire gospel. The prosperity gospel or the shortcut gospel are usually preached. Kenyans tend to want instant results. They seek instant healing or money rather than seeking Christ. Ultimately they are all looking for the truth, for hope, for happiness just like everyone else. They seem to just be looking in the wrong places.

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