Monday, March 1, 2010


Yesterday we spent the day at a church on the other side of town. Often we are asked to come and preach or sing or act for local churches so yesterday we, the singing team, drove across town, through the slums to attend a service in Kayole. This church really touched me. First of all it is in the middle of a slum and it's painted bright blue. Then it is filled with children and youth as it is associated with a school.  The service was full of excitement. I was smiling the whole time as the entire congregation belted out swahili chorus' and moved their entire bodies to the beat of the keyboard. 

We were able to sing 3 different songs to the church. In Kenyan churches they often spend a considerable amount of time inviting various choirs and individuals to come and share a song or two. Often this can last for more than half the service.

My lovely classmate Rebbea made a small friend.

Our eyes we close, our heads we bow and time to pray!

It was a long and hot service but I loved every minute of it. The children thoroughly enjoyed having a white person around who was willing to play with them. At one point, I noticed that I had an entire following of children who were sitting around me as I stood outside listening to the sermon. It was precious. 

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