Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bringing the ghetto home

Today was the final day of camps until august when school is out again. We had 200 kids come to our home from the ghetto last week. You should have seen their faces when they saw how big their beds where and how nice the hot showers felt. They would shower 3 times a day because they never get hot water. They LOVED the food. For many of them, it was their favourite part of the camp. They ate foods that they get maybe once or twice a year. It was a challenging but fun week. I was a counsellor along with 2 others in a dorm room with 12 girls. I think I have expressed before how much I dislike living in a dorm. I like my own space and peace so I had to put aside all my own comforts and learn to adapt and love these girls' way of life. They stole my heart as I got to know them throughout the week. 
This was the last day of camp as I am sending them out the door. I was exhausted after staying up late watching and listening to the girls sing and dance traditional dances.

I had been waiting for weeks to see this cow give birth. In the middle of a volleyball match, we noticed the cow rolling around own the ground with her legs in the air. We called over the men who watch the cows and they started to pull the baby calf out. Out came the new addition to our compound! Mom started licking the slimy baby right away.

Every night we had a theme and this night was twin night. James often gets teased because of his light skin and his american ways (he spent 6 years in the US when he was younger). So we decided to be twins.

These 3 boys crack everyone up. From left to right is Deno, Pudo, and Mich. You would think they are brothers because they act the same and are always found within a few meters of each other. They are just great friends who know how to make kids have a good time. They always amaze me as they never seem to run out of energy and psych. Even last week Deno was suffering from malaria and lost his father but you would have never known. Amazing boys.

This is Kate. She was one of our best campers and a sweet girl. 

It was a great, but exhausting week. I loved loved loved getting to know these kids. Most of them deal with daily trials which most people in the West will never experience in their life yet they are full of lots of love to give. It was amazing just to shower them with love and treat them to an awesome week of camp where they could just lay aside all responsibilities they have at home and be kids.

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