Thursday, April 29, 2010

The people I will miss

We graduate bible school on Sunday. These past 3 and a half months seemed to have gone by so quickly. I woke up this morning dreading the thought of leaving my classmates I have grown to love over the past 3 and a half months. It's different than leaving my friends in college. It's harder. We have done everything together since January. Barely an hour goes by when we don't see each other. We ate together, we ran at 5am together, we learned together, we played football together, we pulled weeds together, we sang together, we memorized verses together and even when we had free time often we had free time together. I will miss these people terribly! I pray that we would still be able to stay connect so it's not goodbye forever (or at least until heaven).  Here are only a few of my fav moments and faces that I will miss.

Rahab and I going around and around on the ride. We giggled the whole time as we went up and down and all around.

Peter is my brother. We have had so many good chats, good laughs, good times together. 

James is so good to everyone. He always makes people feel loved and included.

Not a day goes by when we don't laugh till we cry. 

Goodbye for now my friends! I love you all!

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