Sunday, April 11, 2010

Naomi's Poems

 Dreaded Attack

I thought I was a tough conqueror
immune to all manner of attacks
This was wishful thinking
of a person with a deficiency syndrome 
who was worried and ensured at the same time 

I did not know that I would wast away, 
I only imagined I was immune and healthy
yet I had led a life of luxury, 
a life of very risky behaviour, 
a careless life of premarital sex. 

Abstinence was a strange idea, 
all that glitters is not gold, 
some close friends had the killer virus
in their semen and body fluids, 
only I am not sure about their sputum. 

Recently a doctor gave me a shock 
with the message that I lacked immunity, 
a foreign body had entered my body, 
I'm infected with HIV/AIDS.
This has given me great shock. 

Why Me?

Why me? why me? Was I born to suffer? 
Was I born to endure pap long died, mama long died
but auntie cleans dishes, prepares food, fetches fire wood 
but don't forget to wash the clothes. 

Why me? Why me? Fellow children go to school
while i remember performing every duty monday to friday,
silence in our society no play no cheers yet education is free.

Auntie, education is free, house you are late
for how me kick out of your mind when all is asleep
when I sleep before sunrise, I am the first one to ware up,
Auntie, tea is ready
Stupid, Idiot, Imbecile do I look like.

Abusing language is no use to my head
sadness is the make up that appears on this tender head
pastors consolidation sound good on my ears

Children are a blessing from God
Children are our leaders of tomorrow
Children trust in God always and you will be set free 

Look at my shoes from Japan and earrings from Dubai
nice perfume all the way from India
Nescafe, Nescafe mmm drink of my choice
Go and get me some from the kitchen!

On the first day of camp, during our talent portion of the day, a young girl came up first and started reciting these poems. Instantly, all of us had our eyes on her and silence filled the tent. This young girl, named Naomi was only 10 years old. Sadly, these poems give a realistic picture of the lives of these children:AIDS, abuse, death, sex, education, etc. I got Naomi to write the poems down for me to share with you. Hope this gives you a small glance into the lives of these children. 

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