Sunday, April 18, 2010

Roller coaster Time!

Last sunday we were all called to the vehicle and were told that we are going somewhere special. I personally thought we were going for ice cream. Actually I was hoping we were going for ice cream but instead we ended up at a mini theme park. There was this one particular ride called the banana boat ride which Makau wanted everyone to try. I took one look at it and said NO WAY. First, I hate roller coasters. I have never liked them even as a kid. I get motion sick really easily and I don't like feeling that way just for a few minutes of fun. So I opted out but all the others took the plunge and did. Boy am I ever glad I stayed on the ground. The thing went up and down and around in circles while my friends were screaming at the top of their lungs. I laughed the whole time. 

Here they are just before the ride started. They looked less excited once they got off the ride.

The rides were sketchy. I am pretty sure they were like old rides from the West which were thrown out because they were unsafe to use. I looked at this board and laughed as it is at our own risk that we take these rides. The park people obviously know that their rides could collapse at any time. 

This picture very accurately depicts the relationship between Makau and I. Him trying to tell me something stupid and me being less than impressed. 

Chao and Naomi had a romantic ride going around in circles for what seemed like 20 minutes. 

James is always one to make me smile. He is full of character and life. We get big laughs out of him.

It was a fun outing even though I didn't get on any of the rides. We enjoyed just being out together as our time with each other is quickly coming to an end with only 2 weeks until graduation. I will miss these people!

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