Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nikole's favourite things

Yesterday I watched Oprah for the first time in years.  When I was in high school, I used to love to come home, sit on the couch with a cup of tea and watch Oprah. In the past years, I have gotten over my love for her. I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed with the message she preaches these days and the ultra-spiritual new-age tone to all of her shows. The only time I love watching is when I hear stories of Africa or other parts of the world.

But yesterday was her infamous, 'Oprah's favourite things show.' The show that pretty much every devout Oprah follower (and even many people who could care less who she is) wishes that one day they will be apart of. It's the show where she picks her favourite things and gives them away to her audience. Sweaters that cost $500 or authentic diamond watches that could pay the mortgage of your house. Ok, there were some cool things. Yesterday she gave away a baking pan that was designed so that everything you baked in it had an edge. Don't you love the edges? Like when a nice pan of brownies are made, I love the crunchie, gooey edges. Or the edges of lasagne where the cheese burns and gets all crsipy. Now there is a pan that is shaped a certain way (sort of like a snake) so that every piece has an edge. That was pretty cool. But she also gave away a shiny purse and shoes from some hot designer and some crazy hair products that are made especially for african hair. And to top all things off, everyone got a cruise on the biggest, bestest cruise boat in the entire world. It was pretty cool.

After just returning from Kenya where consummerism involves the mere basics to life (if that is even possible), naturally I was a bit repulsed. However, it prompted me to think of my own favourite things that I would love to be able to share/give to you like Oprah gives her audience.

Some of my fav things:

-Jesus! (this is #1)
-a good cup of coffee
-laughing until your belly hurts or your cheeks ache
-playing crib
-my family
-roasted maize
-listening to kids sing in swahili
-african sunsets
-my dog
-lululemon pants (this was one of Oprah's yesterday but I started wearing them in gr.9
-my bible
-fresh fruit and hanging with the ladies who sell the fresh fruit
-loving friends
-sukuma wiki (kale)
-the rehma boys
-the sunshine (which Castlegar doesn't seem to see much of these days)
-worshipping at my church with no walls in mombasa
-my pretty computer
-a good book
-getting mail
-riding on motorcycles through the village
-afternoon naps followed by tea
-hanging out with my one true Love, Best Friend, Provider, Father, Maker, Comforter, King, Hope!

Ok, those are just a few of my fav things. Maybe next year I will have another one like Oprah.

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