Sunday, April 3, 2011

On the sidelines

I try not to stick out too much at the games. I try blend into the crowd (which is not easy since I am the only white and the only girl found near the pitch). I don't want to be the "sponsor" as people often refer to the white person as. Then the locals tend to put them on a pedestal and make them someone more special than the rest of the people. I do not want that. So I try to sit back and do as the locals do. I sit on the dirt or stand for long hours in the sun and watch behind the crowd of people. 

We have created a committee who runs the league and who does most of the work. It's been so great to see them be so serious and professional with the entire league. These guys are also not the most popular or talented men. They are just average dudes. I think this has boosted their confidence and given them some credibility in the community. They have done a much better job than I could have ever done. 

I am not great at letting go of power. It was hard at first to not be so involved in the planning and organizing process but I am seeing the benefits of it. I am watching our committee members grow as they are given more responsibility. I am also beginning to create good relationships with the community members which probably wouldn't happen if I was always the 'guest of honour' at every game and was treated like royalty. 

Our boys played yesterday and won their game! They played an amazing game. It was so intense. I am sure the kids thought I was nuts as I would say things under my breath. They play again next sunday. Can't wait to see them shine again!

For some reason, kids gravitate towards me. I stand somewhere and within a few minutes a crowd of kids swarms me. They don't talk to me. They just like being near me I guess. Anyways, here are some young boys watching the game from the tree. Nice bleachers. 

I also saw this yesterday. I had never realized it was there before. Another awesome move by our committee. It is painted on the side of a house and shows which games are playing that day. Our team is known as Alhilal since they didn't want the same name as the tournament. So cool!

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