Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Blues

Hope Easter went well for all of you. 

Mine kind of sucked. 

After I posted my last post, I started feeling really ucky. It just got progressively worse until I was positive I was going to have my head in the toilet all night. God listened to my pleads and allowed my stomach to calm down so I could at least sleep through the night. I woke up in the morning still feeling awful. I decided that I should probably head to the doctor just to see if it was anything major. I haven't been feeling the greatest over the past few weeks. My tummy has just been off. After a brief visit, the doctor said I must have just eaten something and that I need to be careful with what I eat. He also encouraged me to be boiling my water on top of filtering it and sanitizing it with some water purifying chemicals. He gave me some antibiotics to clear any infection that might have occurred in my intestines, and sent me away. 

Well I slowly got better but I lost my appetite completely. I didn't eat anything but a few slices of bread for over 2 days. I was weak and tired. Kelvin was tied up all weekend at a wedding that he was helping out with so I was alone. Plus I missed my family terribly. During most holidays, I get a little homesick. I wish I was at home eating turkey with all my family and enjoying chocolate mini eggs while watching the weather turn into spring. 

With so much going through my head and body, I found it hard to concentrate on anything. I tried reading and doing some writing, but it was just a waste of time. I would put on a movie but would find myself dozing half way through. So I just sat on my couch. I did manage to get out of the house and go to a concert for a few hours Sunday afternoon. I think getting out, seeing friends, being by the beach helped me regain some strength. 

Finally Monday I started eating again and was ready to celebrate Easter. I listen to an Easter podcast and read the story of Jesus' death and resurrection humbled by what He did for ME, unworthy, undeserving ME. Kelvin bought me an Easter treat of garlic and herb cream cheese with crackers! I never splurge on things like that because they are just a tad too expensive and when you are surrounded by people who can't afford to eat 3 meals a day, its hard to pull that money out of your pocket. 

Now it's Wednesday and I am feeling much better. I am eating again. The weather seems to be slowly changing too. Yesterday was a delightfully cool day with even a few thunderstorms (which I love but most Kenyans fear). Today the boys are playing a rematch of the game that ended abruptly last week. Pray for peace, safety, and an atmosphere of a loving community. 

This is how I spend most mornings. I am just finishing up some of my travel writing courses so I spend a lot of time on my computer. I am really starting to enjoy writing (something I thought would NEVER happen). And I am not that bad at it. Maybe once I get an article or two published, I will invest in a desk and chair to work at. 

The concert we went to on Sunday was huge. I would guess there was close to 4000 people there. It featured some of Kenya's hottest gospel artists. Although to me it seemed more like a fashion show than a worship concert. 

Since it has been raining to much, the electricity has been going out a lot. I guess the power cables aren't water proof.  Kelvin and I have been asked to go to a 3 day youth camp this weekend. Kelvin is the main preacher and I will be a counsellor. So Kelvin has pulled out all my books, bibles, commentaries to prepare for the 5 sermons he is preaching. This picture was actually in the mid morning but the clouds made for a dark atmosphere so I lit a candle to help Kelvin see a little better. 

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