Saturday, July 2, 2011

Feeling Motherly

I am in my room on my bed with my perky laptop perched on my lap. I am listening to Kelvin and six boys from our team talking in the living room.

Today I feel motherly.

Kelvin told me he wanted to have some boys come over so that he can do a bit of a leadership talk with them. Since we don't know if we are going to Canada or not, Kelvin wants to prepare them early to take over the team and take on more of the responsibilities just in case we do end up leaving quickly.

So I went into mother/wife mode. I first started thinking about what I would cook and how I should arrange the house. I counted all my cups and plates (since we are only 3 people living in this apartment, I don't have a lot of dishes.) This morning I started cutting up onions and tomatoes as to have them all ready to go. I butchered two chickens and then marinated it before baking it in the over. Meanwhile making sure that my kitchen is spic and span by washing all the dishes once I was finished using them and constantly wiping the counters. I had everything prepared, warm and fresh, and clean when the boys finally arrived. I was so impressed with myself.

The boys devoured the food. It made my heart so warm watching 'my boys' fill their bellies with good food. I started to realize what my mother feels like when she cooks and feeds us. Its such an amazing satisfaction.

After lunch, Kelvin wanted to have a chat with them about the team, life, responsibility, respect, being a man, etc. I decided to take a break and head into my room to let them relax a bit (I know they are a bit intimidated when I am around). I can hear them talking about keeping time and respecting one another. Kelvin is encouraging them to hold each other accountable and take care of their bodies (ie, no drugs). Amongst the serious talk, Kelvin cracks a joke and they all burst out into that young-dude-too cool for school- laughter.

My heart is smiling.

I think they are wrapping up now so I am going to go tune into their conversation.

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