Saturday, July 9, 2011

Practicing Head Shots

Our boys are very talented. They are truly one of the best teams around. But one thing they are terrible at is finishing. They get so close to the net after some brilliant passes and footwork but then they fumble the ball or get a weak kick on net or miss the net completely. I watched them play a brilliant game the other day but they just couldn't hit the net. They should have won by 5 goals but they only got one (and won the game!). 

Yesterday at practice, Kelvin tried to get them to practice aiming their shots by placing different coloured cones in a line and giving the cones a worth. If they hit the cone, they got points, if they missed the cone, they lost points. They started off kicking, and then they went to head butting. That's where I got these hilarious pictures.
I just had to sneak in this picture of the handsome coach.



Kadenge, leap froggy, leap!

And my favourite. It's none other than Andrea! He almost looks like he is giving the ball a high 5 or something. Actually, I took many shots of him and they all look like this. It's quite the technique. 

They play a game on Sunday. Maybe I will get to see more of these awesome head shots.  

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