Wednesday, July 20, 2011

School, Babies, and Goals

I realized that it's been a while since I wrote an update about the Rehma Boys. Let me tell you a few tidbits about what has been happening over the past few weeks.


We now have 6 boys in school! Last week, the sixth boy started his Clearing and Forwarding course (it has to do with moving shipment through the port) and is already loving it. We still have boys doing mechanics, art, high school, driving and computer classes. Some are struggling as they have been out of school for 5+ years and only made it to gr.8. But they are slowly learning that hard work is key if they want to do well.

We now have two boys that we are working with to start school. At the end of August, we will take one to the other side of the country to interview for an awesome agricultural program. The other one wants to begin with taking a driving course and then work his way to getting into a mechanics course. If you want to help us by sponsoring these young men to go to school, please let me know.

Keep praying for these boys. I know that life gets tough for them especially now that they are in school full time. At time, the temptation to quit is strong. Pray they will have perseverance as they look forward to their futures.


We got news that another one of our boys gave birth to a healthy baby on friday! We knew that his 'wife' was expecting but didn't know that she was almost giving birth. Funny thing was that, the boy, showed up to the game on friday and didn't say a word about it to anyone. He said that he had been saving up for the hospital bill for months now from the small money he gets doing house chores for a family.

Pray for this young man, his 'wife', and their new baby. He is working hard to be able to support them. The lady is living with his mother for now just for some extra help for the first few months of being a new mom.

I am going shopping in a couple days to buy all sorts of fun food and baby stuff to give to our boy. A baby is worth celebrating!!!


The local MP has put on a large (free) league for teams in his constituency. We were able to get into the league when we got news that another team dropped out. The league has 28 teams and 4 pools. So far, our boys are kicking some serious butt in their pool. Like I keep saying, they are really good.

Thanks again to all those who pray and support us in one way or another. Kelvin and I keep falling in love with these boys over and over again. They break our hearts with some of the poor decisions they make but overall we can see them transforming into some amazing young men. Pray for finances for us to keep supporting these boys. Pray for wisdom in making decisions and guiding these young men. Pray that our relationships with Jesus would become more intimate and pour out on the the lives of these sweet young men.

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