Thursday, August 23, 2012

Double Date

The fun thing about all our friends getting married is that we now have lots of young couples to hang out with! 

When Steve got to Mombasa, the first thing he said to us was, "Ok guys, this is important. We NEED to figure out when the new batman comes on at the theatre!" The town they live in doesn't have a theatre so he has been anxiously waiting to get to Mombasa to see the movie. 

So yesterday, the four of us went to see the newest Batman movie. Honestly, I wasn't really in to seeing it. However, by the end, I was enthralled! I now can't wait for the next one! I actually sent Kelvin to town today to go find me the first two movies so I can catch up! 

After the movie, we went to do one game of bowling since it is in the same complex. It was Virginia's first time ever and Kelvin had only gone a couple of times in his life. I took it upon myself to teach them how it is done, show them the ropes, etc. 

I came dead last. And it wasn't a close game. 

Nonetheless it was fun!

Steve is really sweet. He is so excited to show Virginia all these news things. They are totally smitten with each other. Ah, newlywed love!

Kelvin is a left. His first few balls really had a bad angle but then he got the hang of it and, well, kicked my butt. 

Yay for a fun double date!

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