Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Steve and Virginia's Wedding

We spent about 26 hours total in a bus just to get to this wedding. We HAD to go. Virginia has been a sister to me since I first came to Kenya in 2005. Their whole family made the long trip to our wedding in December and we were so grateful to have them there. 

Actually, our wedding was a milestone for their relationship. Steve's parents were telling us that when they heard he was coming to our wedding with Virginia, that's when they knew this was serious. It was also when suspicions started raising for Kelvin and I. We were wondering who this american man was who followed the Ronos all the way to Mombasa for our wedding?

Eight months later, we made the long journey for their wedding!

It was truly a celebration. We could feel the excitement in air from the second we arrived. 

 The kids welcomed the bridal party and the bride with some songs and dance. It was really precious.

 Proud parents walking their daughter down the aisle.

 Ryan sang a beautiful song during the signing of the certificate.

The happy could just being declared husband and wife!

Of course, LOTS of dancing from the kids

Mum looked amazing!

 I was totally impressed with Steve and his ability to keep the beat. 

 The ever so dashing brothers of the bride.

 A quick photo with the couple. We actually got to travel back with them to Mombasa where they are on honeymoon right now. I think we will catch them for bowling and a movie sometime this week.

 Of course, we got TONS of precious time with the kids. The wedding was really just an excuse to come see my favourite kids.

 Some of them aren't kids anymore. Beatrice is 17 years old! That was how old I was when I first came to Ilula. I was so excited to see this girl. We didn't get to see her last time cause she was still in school. She was suppose to be in school this time too but the government order all schools to close down for the holidays. Worked out well for me! She is definitely one of my favs!

 The kids LOVE Kelvin. They think he is hilarious. One girl said to me, "Nikole, he is really funny. I bet you never get bored." 

This was my 4th wedding in just over a month. We have one more to go this Saturday then it will be a bit of a break from weddings. At least for a month or two. Congrats Steve and Virginia!

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