Friday, August 3, 2012

Our First Graduate!

Our first sponsored boy graduated! Just before my grandmother passed away in November, she sponsored our young man, Kadenge, to attend an agricultural school run by Empowering Lives International. 

To be honest, it wasn't my idea to have him sponsored. I didn't think he would make it. I didn't think he would like it. He was a difficult young man and I didn't think he deserved it. I was pretty sure we were setting ourselves up for disappointment. Thankfully my husband had a bit more discernment and went forward with it. 

"Oh Nikole, ye of little faith!" I can hear God telling me from above. 

Kadenge did not disappoint. 

About a month into the course, he gave his life to Christ and for the rest of his time there, he had so many people pouring into his life. When I saw him a couple months ago, he was a changed young man! He was quieter and more kind. He had stopped using drugs and other substances. He treated his mother with so much respect (which was an issue in the past). We were amazed at his transformation. Even the other boys couldn't believe it. 

On top on that, he loved what he was learning! He knew for a long time he wanted to study agriculture but every one kept pushing him into other things. Finally he got the chance to do what he desired and he excelled! Well, I don't think he did well in his class work but he was awesome at his practicals. 

On July 21st, Kelvin travelled across the country to attend his graduation. I was so sad to miss it (but I was at a wedding Canada!) Here are some pictures of the exciting day. 

 Kadenge gave Kelvin a tour of all the work he had been doing. This is a fish pond he had been working on. 

 There he is leading the pack. I think he was loved by many up there because he was so different. Most of the people are from that part of the country but Kadenge was from coast and spoke with a different accent. They affectionately started calling him 'Mombasa'.

 He is the one with his arms wide open dancing with the Children's home choir. 


 Pastor Peter was so amazing! From the first time I contacted him, I knew that he would take good care of our boy. 

Congrats Kadenge! Can't wait to see where God takes you next!

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