Tuesday, August 28, 2012

He truly directs my steps...

I am in constant awe of how God has protected me in this country.

Stuff happens all around me all the time - car accidents, robberies, bombs, etc- and yet I have never been in the midst of any of it. And it's not like it can't happen to me, because it can (I saw a nasty matatu accident the other day just down the road from me. I could have definitely been in there), but God just directs my every step.

Yesterday, I understood this more thane ever.

Mombasa is in a bit of chaos in the moment. Not sure I want to go into detail about all of it over the internet but you can watch this and see a little glimpse of what is happening.

Kelvin and I left home unusually early yesterday morning. We realized we had lots of things to get done and decide to get our butts in gear and get out of the house early. Had we waited like we usually do, we would have gone right through the shooting that started all this chaos. Coincidence? I don't think so.

We also both had plans to go to town yesterday but I decided to go shopping in the other direction first. Had I gone to town, I would have been trapped there for hours. There was pretty intense rioting and no public transport going in or out of town.

After we were done shopping, we had a hard time getting a matatu back to Kongowea (which is on the way to town) as there was a mass exodus out of the city and no one wanted to go towards the city. We finally found one. We kept hearing rumours that the riots were moving in the direction we were going. Not sure if that was true. Thankfully we managed to get to our stop before anything came (although I am still not sure it did come that far. I think it was just rumours). Kongowea was quite calm and a good place to be.

We stayed there till evening. I had to meet my girls and Kelvin was working. It was quite nice. By the time we left, most things had calmed and we came home with no problems.

Its now 11am and people are saying it has started again. I am still waiting to hear if I should venture to Kongowea or not. I was supposed to start our girls camp today and was so excited for it. However, it might be wisdom to stay home. In the meantime, keep praying.

Let me just say that it seems like the rioters are not targeting people. Only one person has died. They are targeting buildings, shops, cars, and churches. For the most part, I think we are safe - for now at least.

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