Sunday, March 21, 2010

Limuru Girls High School

I have been fortunate enough to have been able to attend a bible club a national girls high school in Limuru. I have begun to fall in love with these girls. They are full of psych and energy for Jesus. The two hours I get to spend with them on Saturdays are pure joy. This past saturday, we hosted a fun day at their school. We divided them up into two teams and they competed in various games, singing, eating, and dancing competitions. We had a few of our boys come and be their leaders. 

The girls had so much energy. They have a lot of 'tude. But its good and healthy. They are so animated and as you can tell by their faces, they were having too much fun. 

This is my friend, lovely Linda. I love getting to see her every saturday. She is from the coast so I might get to see her a few times when I move there. She is a precious girl with a soft and tender heart. 

Rahab was pooped out by the end of it.

Limuru is nestled amongst rolling hills of tea plants. If you look closely, the green is not grass. It is acres and acres of tea plants. I am always in awe when we drive through this area. 

We had an amazing day worshipping, glorifying and praising our great God. We had at least one girl come to Christ which was so wonderful. Thank you Jesus!!

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