Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Naivasha camping trip

Classes were officially over on friday as we did our last exam. We left Friday afternoon for a weekend camping trip to Naivasha. It was a new experience for me as I have never been camping in Africa before. I used to go camping when I was little with my daddy but we always slept in a tent trailer and had a gas stove to cook yummy food on. And camping just wasn't camping without marshmallows and jiffy pop. Well, this camping trip was a little bit different but still the same old style of camping I am used to. 

This is Chao. He is one of the staff at Word of Life. We had our church service looking out over Naivasha lake. It was beautiful. There are tons of hippos in the lake. Did you know that hippos are considered the most dangerous animal in Africa??? They seem so harmless.

This is Sammy who we affectionately call "Baba Nduko" which literally means father of stress. He isn't really a stressful guy but some of his buddies started telling us that he has a child of his own named 'nduko' which means stress. It was all a big joke but he will always be our wonderful Baba Nduko.

We were preparing sandwiches for the hike we were going for. They have never been more excited about peanut butter and jam!

Cooking for 30 people over a campfire was a challenge for me. For the others, they are used to it but I was amazed at their culinary skills. The food was delicious. Here, we were making pilau and beef stew. 

Here I am, little camper girl. My daddy would be so proud of me. 

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  1. yes! hippos are dangerous because they are so territorial!