Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weekly happenings

I found this beautiful moth in our bathroom last week. You can't tell but its about the size of my hand. Its as big as a bird. It is harmless though. I was scared at first but the thing is so huge I think it is a struggle for it to fly. 
This past saturday, one of my classmates took me home with him for a few hours to visit his sisters. His sister had prepared lunch for us and it was such a treat. You know in Africa, you can never be completely sure of kind of meat you are eating. I looked at the meat in the stew trying to figure out what it was. It definitely wasn't chicken and it was darker than beef. Finally, I ask and they told me it was liver. Yup, liver stew. I have never been a fan of liver but I have to say that this stew was delicious! I actually had seconds. Plus, it is so nutritional. I could feel my body absorbing the nutrients. Ok, maybe not quite. 

Class time! This is my desk and the people I stare at all day. They look a little tired don't they? When we get up at 4:30am and go jogging, by 11am we are exhausted. It's funny to watch certain individuals' eyes doze off. We have one boy who even pretends to read yet really he is sleeping. He usually sleeps for a few minutes, wakes up, looks around, changes the page, and pretends to read again. Its funny to watch. 

It's amazing to think that we only have a week and a half left of classes. Time seemed to have gone by so fast. Also, today I am able to say 50 verses word perfect! Its a cool accomplishment. 

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  1. you're a brave girl, nikole...i don't know if i would've asked...and i don't know if i could've eaten it.
    funny that they make you guys stare at each other...

    ready for phase 2?