Friday, October 22, 2010

I have realized something...

Ok, I came to this grand revelation the other day.

Lately I have really been craving hummus. I eat a lot of hummus back home with carrots or pita or naan bread. I just love it. I also love other dips like tzitziki (sp?) and artichoke and asiago cheese dip. So yummy.

I have been really thinking and dreaming about them a lot lately and I realized why the other day.

They have just been put in our supermarkets here. The other day I walked in and saw these new dips on the shelves. They were even giving us samples. I tasted hummus for the first time in over a year and it felt like my mouth was melting. mmmh. The only thing was that they are ridiculously expensive. I must be in a really good mood to spend so much money on that.

But I realized something when it comes to craving things. I got through these periods when I crave certain foods. Like a few months ago it was skittles, heinz ketchup, and pizza now comes hummus and the likes. I always get this craving when either I see these things or when I get a little taste of them.

I think if I lived in the bush and only had access to the basic kenyan foods without seeing any of my luxurious dishes, I wouldn't crave things to often.

So I guess I need to stop looking at things. I think I am going to stop going to the supermarket. Let me just stick to my rice and beans.

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