Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ramble ramble ramble...

I keep telling myself that I need to sit down and blog more often but sometimes I just can't think of anything to say. Sometimes my days aren't as exciting as one may assume that someone living in Africa would have.

 Lately work has been more administrative type stuff which is the unfortunate part about living in and working with organizations here. It's unavoidable. I find my eyes glued to the computer most of the day typing up schedules, budgets, plans, letters, etc. And if I am not staring at my computer typing lots of stuff, I am in a meeting talking about what to type on my computer. I am sure glad my computer is so cute and fun to hang out with.

We are planning for a busy next two months. Starting October 29th, our weeks will be filled to the brim. We will be having 6 week long youth camps. These camps are exhausting, a lot of hard work, yet incredibly fun and rewarding. We get youth from all over the country to come for a week of crazy fun, lots of Jesus, and a life changing experience. Our camps really are wonderful.

When I say 'we' and 'our' I really mean 'they' and 'their' because I won't be around. I will be leaving Mombasa by November 2nd. Part of me is sad that I won't get to be with them after being such a big part of all the planning but part of me is really ok with not participating in the 6 week madness of camps. I will be back in Canada nestled in my beautiful home drinking coffee and watching the snow fall.

I didn't get to celebrate thanksgiving. I knew it was happening and I enjoyed the day but not in the way that I am used. No turkey, stuffing, brussel sprouts, pumpkin pie, etc. No close family and no autumn colours. I actually went to visit some friends of mine whose brother just happens to live in Castlegar. Such a crazy connection but ever since I moved to Mombasa in November 2008, they have been so loving and welcoming. So I went to their house for lunch after church. They treated me to chicken curry, chapatti, vegetable rice, salad with salad dressing, and some indian pork dish. It was delicious. But the best part was dessert. They had just returned from a vacation to London and they brought back all sorts of yummy goodies. I had ice cream with strawberry and whopper (you know those little malt balls) flavoured chocolate sauce. I had nice moist cake (which is a nice change from Kenyans' dry, crumbly cake). I ate some sort of fruit and nut bars. Then they pulled out the terry's chocolate orange and my heart almost skipped a beat. YUM! I think I ate almost half of it after I had filled my belly with all this other great stuff. I could barely walk after that. I didn't eat anything till the next morning.

In about 10 minutes we are going to a school for ministry. We haven't been there in about 2 months so I am excited to see all the students again. They are very friendly, loving, welcoming, and talkative. We didn't know we were going until this morning. We got a call from the mwalimu (teacher) asking if we could come today. Surprise! I wake up every morning submitting the day entirely to God because I know that the plans that I have made for the day will most likely never happen and something completely different will come up. Just like today. But I am happy to get my eyes away from the computer screen and out of the office and actually interact with some people.

These are my random rambles for the day. More to come I am sure.

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