Thursday, October 7, 2010

A precious note...

To Nicole, 
You are a blessing to me. 
May God bless and manifest
upon your life. 

The way you encouraged me
made me feel at God's presence.
I wish you a nice time 
as you continue ministering in 
the Word of Life ministry. 

From your Friend 

I found this sweet note in my purse today. I had put it in there at Kapropita when it was passed along to me. It made me smile. Sometimes I am amazed that God gives you the privilege to be used by Him. As much as it can be a sacrifice for us, a huge blessing comes along with it. A blessing where you sit and and thank God for choosing you to be apart of something so amazing. This was one of those instances. 

We had finished a session at the girls school and were heading up for tea when this young girl, Violah, approached me and asked if she could talk with me. She then began to pour her heart out to me. I wasn't quite prepared for the things she told me. She began by explaining to me that her father was pretty much destroying their lives. He had began drinking and no longer providing for the family. He started to going to medicine men to send curses and bewitch her mother. He hated her mother and pretty much left her to die in the hospital. Violah feels stranded. Her mother and her both need help but no one is there. Family members have disowned them and want nothing to do with them. The local people have turned their backs. 

Violah is scared of what is going on at home. In Kenyan boarding schools, students are not allowed to contact home unless it is an emergency or if they need to come home due to lack of school fees. So Violah has no idea what is happening to her mother at home. She fears her mother is on her death bed and her father doesn't care. She knows that her father has not paid her school fees so she may be sent home at any time. Plus, before she left for school this term, her father said that in December, he will kill both her and her mother. 

This girl has a lot of anxiety and fears on her shoulders. I didn't quite know what to say. I have never personally experienced anything like this so how can I comfort her. I just listened to her. As soon as she started crying, my tears started flowing as well. All I could offer her was simple bible verses and a small prayer. 

After our talk, she admitted she felt relieved. I don't know what it was. Maybe she just needed to share it with someone and get it off her back. Maybe she needed a simple prayer or a loving hug. I don't know. But God put her at ease. He used me. I felt so privileged and honoured. Especially the next day when the precious note above was delivered to me. 

" In the multitude of my anxieties within me, Your comforts delight my soul." Psalm 94:19

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