Monday, May 2, 2011

And we are out

Last Wednesday, our boys played a rematch of the game that ended in chaos a few days earlier. After spending almost a whole week talking, negotiating, cooling down emotions and hot tempers, and praying we came to the conclusion that we should do a rematch. Our boys were the ones who agreed to it and so, as you can assume, the other team was elated. 

Well, our boys did not have their best game. They were a little slow and didn't put out a lot of energy. They weren't working well together as a team and were getting very few shots on net. The other team ended up playing probably one of the best games of their lives. The final score was 2-1 for the other team. Our boys walked off the field with their heads hung low. 

For me and Kelvin, it was a huge victory. It was an incredibly peaceful game even with the biggest crowd yet. Even when a goal was scored, there wasn't a lot of celebrations or jumping up and down. We hired a professional ref from the Kenya Football Federation and he did an amazing job. Not only that, the boys on the pitch feared him and respected all his calls. Our boys were not happy as they walked off the pitch. Some of them wanted another rematch while others threatened they would quit the team. After giving them a few hours to cool down, they accepted the defeat gracefully. All in all, it was a big step forward for the community of Kongowea. 

Now we are playing for third place on friday and the finals will be played saturday. I am looking forward to handing out the prizes to some talented football players. 

I was sitting right at the sidelines on a tiny seat one of the men of the community had given to me. These little kids were cracking me up as they would give a play by play of the game. 

Big kick from one of our players, Zedi

If you look closely, the man whose shoulder I am taking the picture over is holding a green stem in his hand. This is a common drug called miraa. It is found everywhere in Mombasa. I believe that it has a stimulant effect. Often my bus drivers who have to drive over night will chew it to keep awake. It's not illegal but it's definitely not healthy in my opinion. It can be expensive and with a poor community, it is a waste of money. The man in the picture was chewing it and then spitting it out on the ground. Then the little boys would pick up the already chewed miraa and put it in their mouths. It broke my heart that this is the example they are getting from the men in their community. To these young boys, they know no different. 

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