Thursday, September 8, 2011

Counting Coins

Yesterday my mom casually mentioned to me that she had found a couple of buckets that were full of loose change. She told me that if I wanted to separate and roll them, that I could have the money. 

My parents do this to me often. 

They know that I value little bits of money. For me, even a small bit of money goes really far. So my parents will use that to get me to do things for them. For example, when the recycling is full, my dad graciously offers that, if I go down to the depot and sort all the cans and bottles, I could keep the earnings. The profit is small, usually around the $10 mark, but I do it. Because ten bucks goes a long way where I live. 

First thing this morning, as I drank my coffee and watched the morning news, I started counting up all the coins. 

By noon I had made more money than both my parents did today.

From pennies to toonies, I raked in a whopping two hundred and forty dollars!

I look forward to depositing my riches in the bank tomorrow...

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