Monday, September 5, 2011

Family Time at the Salmon Spawning

When we were little, it was a tradition that, the weekend before school started, mom and dad would take us to Kokanee Creek to watch the red bodied salmon spawn. Since my brother is leaving back to university tomorrow, we decided to take a family day and relive an old tradition. 

I guess there isn't much to see but a whole bunch of red fish trying to swim upstream. 

Then we found the playground...and became like little kids again. 

 Mark slayed me on the teeter-totter. He is just a wee bit heavier than I am now.

Mark has this incredible core strength that none of  us can understand. He love playgrounds and training himself on them. 

We have an old picture of the 3 of us in this exact same spot so we tried to recreate it. It didn't work as well now that mark and I are both giants and can't snuggle on mom's lap anymore. 

I adore my family. 

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