Friday, September 2, 2011

Soakin' up the last bit of summer

The last few days have been a bit sketchy. They start off beautiful but mid-morning they cloud over. Just as you put your bathing suit on and head to the beach, the clouds roll over the mountains. Then you get to the beach and just pray that the sun will break through the clouds. God hears your prayers and the sun pops through the clouds for a couple hours before disappearing behind the clouds that threaten to rain. 

Well that's what happened to us yesterday. 

In the morning, an old high school friend surprised me and showed up for breakfast at my house. We chatted for a couple hours and decided to pack up and go to the beach. Despite the sketchy weather, we totally enjoyed relaxing at the beach for a couple hours. 

Alex, my high school friend, and his buddy blew up some floaties for Nikki and I to float down the river in. 

Alex enjoying sitting in the water and catching any rays that bounce off that water. 

My brother even motorcycled out and joined us for a few hours. Him and Alex giggled like little girls playing in the water and making jokes. 

I was pretty impressed with the sweet rides we all drove. A huge diesel truck, a mercedes convertible, and a slick motorcycle. Not too shabby. 

Alex and I actually go all the way back to Kindergarten. I spent kindergarten and gr. 1 at an elementary school out of town before moving to Robson where my dad was the principal. Alex and I were in the same class. In gr. 10 Alex moved to my high school and we got to reconnect and become friends all over again. 

Just days after posting this, I was digging through some pictures and found this one from Kindergarten. There I am (the one with the boyish, wavy haircut), and to my left is Mr. Alex himself. So precious!

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