Monday, September 5, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding

I am not the only one in wedding season right now. Quite a number of people in my sphere of friends are getting married within the next year or so. Danika, one of my best friend's since Gr.7, became Mrs. Jamie Cominotto this weekend! What a beautiful, lovely, heartwarming day it was to see my dear friend, who I have watched grow into a beautiful woman, become 1 with a great man. 

I teared up watching her walk down the aisle so elegantly with her Daddy.

They did a neat ceremony that blended her traditional Doukhobour culture with his Catholic roots. 

I loved seeing so many old friends. Jenna (right), Nikki and I used to play basketball together in gr.9 on a regional team. 

Bubbles for the Bride!!

Simply Stunning...

Congrats to my beautiful friend Danika!

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