Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Back in Mombasa

I had planned to upload a swack load of photos from my weekend with my friend, Diana. However something is wrong with my server and it didn't let me download the rest of them. So this is what you get. I will try upload more tomorrow. 

Like I mentioned, I had a sweet friend come visit this weekend. Despite the poor weather, we did manage to have a wonderful time. I totally love entertaining people and always welcome people to come visit (hint hint). It was great to have some good chats about God, life, ministry, africa's overwhelming problems, and what we are suppose to do about it. She is the child sponsorship coordinator for a non-profit that works in Kenya, Sudan, and Congo. She manages about 1000 sponsored children. Pretty amazing eh? I picked her brain on a lot of more logistical things of running a smooth sponsorship program (as we have 7 boys who are sponsored now) as well as some other organizational things. She was a huge blessing to me and Kelvin. And it was pretty sad when we dropped her at the airport yesterday. 

She did bring along a pretty fantastic camera and decided to be a tourist, feeling unashamed to whip out her camera whenever and wherever she wanted to. I think I am too proud because I don't want to look 'touristy'.  So these photos are not mine.

I took Diana through Kongowea and we sat at the pitch while the boys practiced. To my delight, Zizou brought his baby girl, who they have nicknamed Nikole, to the pitch to have a good snuggle with me. 

Mealtime. Yummy!

Old town's narrow streets.

Old town's artsy side. 

I will try put up more pics later

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