Monday, October 24, 2011

"Wishing You Success"

"He wants a success card. You must get him a success card." We were told (not asked or requested) by a cousin of ours. Her son is doing his KCPE exam in a few short weeks. He needs a card wishing him success. 

In Kenya, students are require to do two national exams. At the end of primary school, they do their KCPE exam which determines which high school they can go to. And then, in grade 12, they must do another exam, the KCSE, which pretty much determines the rest of their lives (aka which university they go to and what kind of job they will be able to get). I personally dislike this system. It takes all that you have learned in school and puts it into one exam that determines everything. In Grade 12, they are actually tested on everything they have learned since gr.9. That's a lot to study. The system needs to change. 

So the exams are approaching (actually the gr. 12's have already started theirs). These tacky success cards are found everywhere now. Every street corner they sell them. Prayers are being said all over the country. Some churches dedicate whole sessions just to pray for the "candidates" doing their exams. 

I never pray they do well. I always pray that they get what they deserve. If they study hard enough, I pray that they get the result they worked hard for. Sometimes I think people rely solely on prayers saying God will give them the grade they need. It's all in His will. So if they get a terrible grade, "It's God's will". I disagree. Its because you probably didn't study hard enough. God's will is that you work hard. 

But I'll save that ramble for another day. 

So I bought our cousin's son the tackiest card I could find. These are a big hit. If the card is not completely over decorated and it doesn't play music when you open it up, its a let down to the one receiving it. 

I just noticed that the card actually says "Happy Birthday" on it even though it is a success card!!!!! Haha, Kelvin and I are having a good chuckle over that. Only in Kenya....

It lights up inside and plays a keyboard version of "Fleur de Lys" inside. 

He is bound to be successful with this card. 

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