Thursday, October 20, 2011

I am about ready for a washing machine.

I woke up early to gather all my stuff that needs to be washed. We had called our guy who washes our clothes to come today. After two weeks of pouring rain and crazy humidity, the sun has finally appeared long enough for my clothes to dry.

All the humidity has made everything smell. And if anything was wet and put into the laundry bin, there is a good chance it started growing mould. 

Its now about 9:30am and the guy as yet to appear. He usually shows up around 7am. We have tried to call him but his phone is not working. Now, all my stinky, mouldy clothes are in piles needing to be washed. UGH!! 

A few days ago Kelvin and I went to a friend's house for lunch. My friend, who is a swiss lady, said that the first thing she bought was her washing machine and that she doesn't think she could live without it. I had been asked if I wanted to buy one but I figured that I can employ someone to do it, help them support themselves, and just save a whole swack of money. 

I am now thinking otherwise. I have been looking at a few machines in the supermarkets and realized they are much cheaper than I had thought. The temptation to buy one is stronger than ever. Maybe we will have to buy ourselves a wedding gift. 

On top of all the stinky clothes, my wooden shelves have gone almost completely mouldy. I noticed a funny smell coming from it and when I looked closer, I found a ton of green fuzz all over it. I spent some time wiping it down and decided that I needed to seal it somehow. We went to a local carpenter that said that we just need clear varnish and he will do it for us for about $1.50. Great, I thought. However, after we talked a little more, I realized that he was trying to jip me by making me buy more varnish than I needed. He told me that 1 litre would do. I talked to my dad and he said that he used a quarter of a litre to do 3 coats on his entire wooden kayak. So I was suspicious as to why this guy said 1 litre. In the end, I resolved to do it myself. Why should I pay someone when I could do it myself? Plus, it will be a good learning experience for me! 

Then I tried to attack the army of ants that collected in my kitchen over night. Sneaky little brats. I shooed them away, got rid of the source (my garbage), and then closed off their tiny hole where they were escaping from. I watched them scurry around, as if their world was ending. Harsh, I know. But now my kitchen is ant free. 

Funny enough, as I was spending time with God today, I randomly asked for supernatural patience today. I don't usually pray like that but God must have known that I will need it. 

Praying my washing man will show up soon! 

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