Monday, May 21, 2012

Figure 8 or Figure 1

Well it seems I have gained a noticeable amount of weight. I have had quite a few people tell me that I have 'added weight' or 'increased' or 'gotten fat' as they graciously put it. In fact, on Wednesday, my girls asked if I was pregnant before we started bible study. For those who are curious, No, I am not pregnant. 

I have noticed I have gained weight. Not a ton, but enough to make my clothes a little tighter. However, this is the first time I am actually excited that I have a little chunk on me. 

In Kenya, big is beautiful. Often, I feel a little out of place cause my butt is so flat. Honestly, women here are blessed with beautiful curves. I guess, some part of me, wants to fit in. 

But funny how in the West, skinny is beautiful. Thin, lean, slightly muscular is gorgeous. 

Amazing how society can control what is beautiful and what isn't. Amazing that what is beautiful in one place is not beautiful in another. 

I decided to chat with the girls about body image while we sat making beaded necklaces on Saturday. I asked them what the desired body image is in Kenya. 

"Figure 8"

As in a curvy, hour glass shape. In fact, they desire a large behind than a large bust. They say that a lot of guys actually prefer smaller busts. But what counts is the curvy behind. And let me tell you, African women have quite the behinds. When they dance, its like their butts are a completely different entity from the body. Seriously. 

I asked about skin colour because, believe or not, there are different shades of black. So is lighter skin more attractive or darker? 

"Black is beautiful" 

They have been taught since they were little that black is indeed beautiful. And they are all black. They are proud of their colour. 

I then began to explain how we desire thin, thin, thin. Like straight, like the number 1. Well, one girl took a while to figure out what I was talking about. Once she did, she couldn't stop laughing. "You want to look like a stick?" she burst out. I said, "Yes, I guess so." They all continued to giggle. 

I am officially proud of the tiny curves I am gaining. 

Anyways, here is some pics of our beading adventures. 

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