Thursday, May 24, 2012

A morning drive

One of our clients asked Kelvin if he could rent a car and be our client's chauffeur for two days. Kelvin quickly agreed. Kelvin loves driving. Actually, we both do but we rarely get the opportunity to. To rent a car for 24 hours costs about $30 plus gas. It's just not worth it for us especially when we can spend less than $2 a day on public transport. 

This deal is pretty sweet. We get the car for two nights. Kelvin has had to be a personal driver for two days but he is ok with that. This particular client is a drunkard so there is no way he could drive himself. Kelvin gets to bring the car home and use it for himself when our client doesn't need him. 

So this morning, we had just turned on a movie as we were eating breakfast when the power went out. I then asked if we could go for a morning drive. 

One of our favourite things to do with a car is to explore all the areas around Mombasa that you can't get to with public transport. It has led us on some pretty fun adventures. 

This morning we decided to go inland behind our apartment building and see the village life. I was surprised that, not too far from where we stay, there are villages with mud houses and all. I guess I think Mombasa is so metropolitan. 

It has also been a gloriously overcast day. That's why the pictures are grey. 

 My personal chauffeur

 We drove past one of the largest prisons on the coast (which I learned that Canada helps fund). I was shocked to see all the prisoners working outside in the fields where there is no fencing keeping them in. Those white poles  don't have any fencing in between them. Those prisoners could totally make a run for it. 

Home sweet home. Well, it's where we live. Not sure I would call it 'home'. Its our apartment building. 

Looking forward to going out to our favourite joint for breakfast tomorrow. I think we'll drive there. 

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  1. Hi Nik..."Home is where your heart is"
    Love reading your scripts.

    Karen :)