Thursday, May 17, 2012

Prayers for Protection

I can't take my daily protection for granted. Not in this country. Not with all the crazy things that happen daily.

A few weeks ago, Kelvin started praying. Every time he prayed, he always thanked God for our protection in cars. He thanked God that the matatus we were in were all safe and the motorcycles we rode didn't crash. He thanked God that we went from point A to point B safely.

One of my girls didn't show up for the meeting on Saturday. So when I got home I texted to make sure everything was ok. The next morning I got a text from her aunt telling me that her cousin was in a fatal car accident on Friday and that they buried the body on Saturday. I was definitely sad for my dear girl. But what struck me the most was that it was a car accident. Her cousin probably got in the matatu not even thinking that her life would end. That's how I get into these matatus daily. It doesn't even cross my mind that it could crash. But the reality is that they do, often. Almost daily. Everyday there is a story in the newspaper about fatal car accidents in the country. Even last night a lorry ran head on into a matatu killing 10 passengers. It took two hours just to get the bodies out of the mangled vehicle.

I can't take it for granted that I have never been in any serious accident. Sure, my car has been bumped around a little, but nothing serious.

Another thing is bombs. Yes, bombs. We had another bombing in Mombasa two nights ago at a local night club. One person died. Five sent to hospital with serious injuries. About two months ago there was another bombing but this time it was thrown into a church crusade. One died. Many injured. Both of these places are areas that I pass frequently. I ams sure my feet have stepped on the very ground. It's sobering.

Although it's annoying, I am definitely ok with having a metal detector feel me up and some strange woman rummage through my purse every time I go to church or enter the supermarket. I know I am bomb free and at least I know everyone else is too.

I am so thankful that He protects every step I take. I am sure I walk amongst or interact with some shady characters who could mug me, molest me, steal me, hurt me, or whatever. But I have never had anything stolen from me or never felt my safety has been compromised. My house has never been broken into or even my clothes have never been stolen off the line.

So Kelvin and I will keep sending up prayers for protection and utter praises and thanksgivings for our safety. We serve an amazing God.

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