Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Girly Fun

Our girls group is still going strong. We have had a few come and go. Some have gotten jobs or gone to school. Some have moved or been told they can't come till the holidays so they can focus on school. It's been a bit challenging cause I never know who or how many are going to show up. I try plan for games but sometimes we don't have enough people or it just isn't as fun with so few people. I plan things with specific people in mind but then they choose not to show up that day. Nevertheless, we are still havin' fun and being girls. 

I introduced them to the famous bridal shower game of making a wedding dress out of tissue paper. They thought I was nuts at first but they ended up totally enjoying it. They were also much more creative than I thought they would be. 

 Pheobe was a good model. Her team decided to put a 'tiara' on her which ended up looking more like a flight attendant hat. It didn't go over so well with the judges. 

And they had a little troubles with the train. 

 Irene and Susan did a good job. Irene ended up winning with their creative earrings and knot design. 

Then I brought out the balloons....who knew ballon could be so much fun! I came up with a whole bunch of games to do with balloons. This was one of the best.

 They girls had to keep the balloon in between their bodies and race. The trick was that they couldn't touch the balloons. 

These girls ended up winning. They were speedy! 

Like always, we laughed at the sheer absurdity of our games. Embarrassingly, I usually come up with these games that I am terrible at! I usually stand to the side for the first few rounds to be the judge or ref but then i join in. Once I join in, I totally ruin things or lose so quickly. 

Anyways just to show you that we are still having fun. I am planning a fun outing for them in the next couple weeks. I am thinking bowling...or beach picnic...or a local play. Something fun for these precious girls. 

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