Friday, May 4, 2012

Got Milk?


Kenya, or at least Mombasa, seems to be having some sort of milk shortage. You can't find milk anywhere. I was in the supermarket a couple days ago and they were out of fresh milk and selling 'long life' milk aka milk with preservatives. I bought some but it tastes terrible. And if I were to go back now, I am sure it would be gone.

All the little dukas are also not getting their supply of milk so you can't find it around your home.

It's tough because there are a few Kenyan staples and milk is a big one. Every Kenyan drinks tea (half of it is milk the other half water) in the morning. Most of the milk we buy is fresh so it will go bad in a day or two which means you can't stock up on it or buy 4 litre jugs like at home.

I wonder how this happens. Occasionally, Kenya just runs out of food. Last year it was sugar, a few months ago it was sukuma wiki and now milk. First, the prices double (1/2 litre of milk went from 30KES to 55KES in a matter of weeks) then you realize that you can no longer find it in the shelves. I guess it shows you how much of our food is locally grown (which is cool) but also shows you the lack of knowledge or proper planning to make sure these 'shortages' don't happen. Maybe if we focused a little less on political  dynamics and more on the needs of the people, this wouldn't happen.

Otherwise, this morning we are drinking black, lemongrass tea. Pretty yummy.

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