Friday, September 28, 2012

A Team Meeting

Kelvin and boys had a team meeting or, as I like to call it, a 'family meeting' last night in lieu of practice. On the agenda was mostly to do with money. Kelvin and I have really been thinking a lot about 'stewardship' and how we show our young people how to be good stewards of all the different things that God has given them. We find this to be a big struggle for most of them as they have grown up being taught to misuse so many of the things around them. My lessons with the girls start tomorrow as we talk about being good stewards of our time. Kelvin is starting up a 'finance committee' for the team. Kelvin is generally the one who makes all the decisions about money including give-aways, transport to games, washing of the jerseys, and league fees. He wants to create a committee of about 5 or 6 boys who will be responsible for the 'budget' of the team. We will give them a certain amount they can spend as a team every month and they have to decide how to use it. If its too much, they save it or buy cleats for someone. If its too little, they must come up with the money themselves. Its a good way for them to realize that money just doesn't come out of the sky (or donors pockets) but needs to be used wisely and godly. Its also a good lesson on accountability as this committee will be making decisions on behalf of the team and their needs. We are excited to see how it all turns out.  

The second item on the agenda was bringing the boys together and starting an income generating project for those who are interested. With the money that will be allocated to them every month, they will have the choice to save some of it or invest it into something that will go directly into their pockets. For some, this is a big opportunity. For others, they don't care so much. But there is where they need to work together, as a team, and care for the welfare of one another. 

They are having another meeting like this next thursday to continue these matters. 

While this was happening, I was meeting with a few of my girls dreaming, encouraging, and planning with them for their futures. I am super excited for what God has put on their hearts and the opportunities He has opened for them. I pray that I am a help not a hindrance in their personal development. I pray that we can help move our youth towards being the people God has created them to be. 

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